Airport Security (Milos Zambo, Mirek Ceslar & Jarda Schneider) [2012]

Airport Security (Milos Zambo, Mirek Ceslar & Jarda Schneider)

Year: 2012
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Oral sex, Anal sex, Group Sex, Rough Sex, Uniform, Rimming, Cumshots, Facials, Muscle Hunks, Tattoo, Safe sex
Time: 00:40:50
Description: Jarda Schneider recently came back to casting and we immediately signed him up for this Aiport Security scene, with Milos Zambo and Mirek Ceslar. It all starts with Milos and Mirek idly sitting and chatting and then deciding to do some work. They call in the next passenger, and it is Jarda. The begin to check his luggage and accuse him of smuggling in more alcohol than is allowed, so they must arrest him. Milos handcuffs Jarda and he is moved to another room, with an iron bedframe. The handcuffs are removed and the guards begin to strip Jarda. He is stripped completely naked and Milos holds him in place, legs apart, while Mirek torments him, threateningly with his nightstick. He pulls on Jarda's nipples and hits his cock with the nightstick before pushing it up against his ass hole. Jarda struggles to get away, moaning at his mistreatment. Mirek then starts to pull on Jarda's pubic hair and foreskin as well as his nipples. He lifts Jarda's legs in the air and spanks his ass.
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