BSB - CJ & Damien Anal


V.I.P Member
Nov 26, 2011

Bringing CJ and Damien in to do a shoot together, they knew that I was going to have them fuck
right from the start. I wanted to talk about CJ's stand against kissing another guy, and he said that
he doesn't get turned on by kissing another guy. That is the same reason why he has no desire to
top either, just not turned on by a guy to do that. I brought it up, because of member's comments
and questions, and I wanted to let them know that many of the guys are straight so they set limits
on what they will and won't do. CJ is straight, has a girlfriend, and he has been using the money
from doing the shoots to pay bills. Damien is straight as well, has a girlfriend, and while he has been
keeping an open-mind the money has been helping out his situation. I explained to him that he
would be fucking CJ and it wasn't his first time, so he could go hard and long to enjoy it. They were
going to make our usual pay of $1500 for bottoming and $1000 to top. They agreed to everything,
and so they started by standing to take off their shirts.

Stepping out of their pants and shorts the guys were left standing in their underwear, but CJ didn't
wait to take his underwear off. So, Damien stripped out of his and both guys were naked, sitting on
the couch playing with their dicks. I asked CJ if he wouldn't mind giving oral first to Damien, he said
sure and he leaned right over to start giving head. While they were busy doing that, I got the porn
playing in the background for them to watch. CJ's talented mouth got Damien's cock hard and
standing straight up. At the same time CJ was stroking his dick to stay hard, I noticed that it was
hard for him to do both, so that's when I asked Damien to take over jerking CJ off. I let them keep
going for a bit longer, before I interrupted them to ask if they were ready to start fucking. They're
response was yes, and so getting the couch into a bed. CJ positioned himself in the middle on his
back, with a little bit of lube he started to stroke his dick and lubed his hole. For Damien this was
going to be a hard position for him to start out in, so CJ changed to get in the doggy-style. Pushing
his dick forward Damien would do little movements at first as he worked his way up to fully fucking
CJ's tight hole.

Damien used his hands to hold onto CJ's hips, so that as they fucked he could pull CJ back towards
him making the fucking more intense. Both guys seemed to be enjoying it, and then they changed
things up by Damien positioning his body more on top of CJ's. It looked like Damien was doing a
push up, but only moved his hips. Watch as Damien pounds CJ's ass, so hard that his cock comes
out a couple of times, and that's when the two decided to try another position. CJ rolled over on his
back and Damien put CJ's legs up against his chest. There were loud smacking noises as their
bodies collided, Damien's dick going deep inside CJ's hole. CJ began to stroke his dick in this
position, so that he would work on building himself up to getting off. Damien kept the motions about
the same steady pace, and while I was watching them both doing their part CJ came. His cum shot
right out on his stomach. It was thick, creamy in color, and in one long line. Damien pulled out and
began to jerk off to shoot his load. It didn't take him long to shoot his load onto CJ's stomach. After
that, Damien still said that he enjoyed fucking girls more, but he has keeping an open-mind doing
the shoots. We will see what we can get him to do in the next shoot.

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