BSB - David, Price, Kyle (HD)


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Nov 26, 2011

Today, at Broke Straight Boys, we have Kyle, David and Price on the futon. They are all here to do an anal scene Price is bottoming and both David and Kyle are topping. I told the boys that they would be getting $1000 each as it was a three way, even though Price wasn’t happy with that amount. The boys stood up, taking off their clothes, all three sitting back down on the futon clad only in matching white undies. As they watched the straight porn, they removed their underwear and went right back to work on getting their cocks hard.

Kyle was rock hard in an instant so I suggested they do the infamous Broke Straight Boys Wave and with that, Price turned to his left, swallowing down Kyle's dick while David went to work on Price's cock. Price didn't have much to do with Kyle's cock as he was already as hard but David slowly slid Price's dick in and out of his mouth until Price was erect as well. They switched sides; Kyle sucking on Price even as Price swallowed down David. A few minutes later, Price hopped up, deciding that they should pull out the futon.

Mixing it up a little, Price knelt on the futon, and with Kyle standing next to him, he enthusiastically sucked on Kyle's cock even as David, crouching on the futon, put his skills to use on Price's dick. Then, like a total cock slut, Price got down on his knees and with both David and Kyle standing on either side of him, Price lavished the two hard cocks with attention and plenty of tongue. The boys switched it up; Price laying down on his back with David kneeling between his legs and swallowing down Price’s cock while Kyle sat on Price's chest, thrusting his cock down his throat. It was a difficult position so Kyle moved to kneel by Price's head so that he had easier access to his cock.

Finally, with Price on all fours and going down on David, who was kneeling in front of him, Kyle slowly worked his cock into Price's tight ass. Price winced as the long cock slid into him, reaching around to help guide Kyle in. Right away, Kyle was able to set a steady pace, Price moaning on each thrust as David just sat back and enjoyed a hot, wet mouth on his cock. Picking up the pace, Kyle gave Price's ass a hard slap, wringing a groan out of Price.
Kyle decided to go all out, banging Price's ass hard and fast, Price’s cock hard as a rock as he was being fucked. All the while, David slowly wanked off as he watched Price getting pounded. As Kyle drove into Price in long, hard strokes, Price licked and sucked on David's tight balls before swallowing down his hard cock again. Flipping over onto his back, Price moaned for more as Kyle was able to go faster and deeper than before. David stood to one side, playing with his dick as he got off on seeing Price getting fucked hard.

Suddenly, Kyle pulled out, too close to cumming to continue. Eyes closed, Kyle wanked off in fast and furious strokes, cum splashing over Price's cock, balls and pubes. Now it was David's turn at Price's tight ass. David slid right in, setting a steady pace as Kyle knelt by Price's head and held Price's legs apart by his ankles, all the while, Price wanked off. As David slid in and out in hard thrusts, Price kept clenching at David's thighs to draw him in closer. As Price wanted the cock deeper inside of him, he decided to ride David's dick as David lay on the bed. This new position allowed Kyle to bend down and suck on Price hard cock. From the look of pure bliss on David's face, Price was riding him just right.

As Price rocked back and forth, he had David panting heavily in mere moments. Riding him harder than ever, Price choked David even as Kyle kept working hard on his cock. David was too close to climaxing so Price hopped off and instead, licked and kissed around David's balls as he jerked David off, while Kyle nibbled on David's nipples. David was in sensory heaven and it was obvious he wasn't going to last much longer. Sure enough, cum dribbled down his cock and into his pubes as Price kneaded his balls. Now it was Price's turn for the money shot and with Kyle roughly fingering his tight ass and David biting his nipples as he wanked off, Price moaned in pleasure as cum shot all over his chest and stomach.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 24:37
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 2978kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 556.0 MB
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