BSB - Donovan & Brenden Duo Solo (HD)


V.I.P Member
Nov 26, 2011

I'm pleased to announce that we have something a little different here at Broke Straight Boys; Donovan, our first deaf model. In his application, this straight boy stated he was profoundly deaf, 100% hearing affected. Broke Straight Boys had never had a deaf applicant before but after an online chat with Donovan, I knew I had to get him into the studio; the members would love him. Donovan wants to make enough money to be able to visit his Mom in Germany as he hadn't seen her in a few years and really misses her. On the day of his solo shoot, Donovan got a friend to drive him to the studio whom I invited into the studio as well. Both guys were extremely attractive; Donovan was an 18 year old twink hottie with light chocolate smooth skin, dark eyes and a tribal tattoo circling his left upper arm. His friend, Brendan, was 19 years old and tall with dark hair, blue eyes and a slim body.

Despite Donovan being able to lip read, I had Brendan write down my queries so that there would be no confusion as to how the scene would go. Brendan confirmed that both he and Donovan were straight so I decided to try my luck with getting a dual jerk off scene. Brendan was very unsure of the offer of $200 to stay with his friend and jerk off together so I instantly upped it to $300, to which he quickly agreed and surprisingly, so did Donovan. That was too easy; straight boys are *never* that agreeable, that fast, there was something else going on here? I got the boys to stand up and take off their tops for the camera, Brendan admitting that he wasn't wearing any underwear. The boys then took off the rest of their clothes, Donovan leaving his white underpants on and despite me asking, he refused to take his black cap off. Both boys had great bodies; Donovan having a defined set of abs while Brendan was taller and slender with a lovely smooth body.

I told them to go ahead and start getting hard; Brendanâ
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