BSB - Nelson & Gino (HD)


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Nov 26, 2011

Today's video is the second part to the annual 'Gay Broke Boys' scene with Gino and Nelson. Due to their rapport together, it was only natural to see what they would come up with for an anal scene. Gino and Nelson came back into the studio, wearing nothing but towels, after taking a break and getting cleaned up after their oral scene. Today's shoot was also special because Gino was about to have his cherry popped.

I got them to take off their towels and as I was telling them what I would like to see during the shoot, they dived straight into the kissing! With a little tongue put into the kissing, Gino grabbed a hold of Nelson's dick, gently tugging at it while Nelson returned the favour. Nelson pulled Gino to his feet, kissing all the way down his body before taking the half hard cock into his mouth, Gino slowly face fucking him. They swapped places, Gino deep throating Nelson's dick like a pro before breaking off to open up the futon, both boys immediately kissing passionately. Nelson suggested something kinky; handcuffs. Gino lay down on his back and held out his arms so that Nelson could chain him to the bed with the cuffs that had so mysteriously appeared.

Nelson now had Gino at his mercy, sucking his cock and even taking off his glasses so that he could do some deep throating. All the while, Gino writhed in pleasure, turning over onto his knees so that Nelson could tongue his hole. From the way Gino was panting, it was obvious he was as horny as hell, moaning as Nelson started stroking him as he got rimmed. A minute later, Nelson untied Gino, demanding that he get rock hard so that Gino could fuck him. It barely took Gino any time at all before he was stiff and rolling on a condom, Nelson laying on his back, legs spread and waiting for Gino to plow him.

Gino thrust straight in, Nelson moaning and demanding him to fuck harder even as Gino wanked him off. Grabbing hold of Nelson's ankles, Gino rode his ass hard, making Nelson pant like a bitch as he tried to pull Gino in deeper. His dick slipping out for a moment, prompted Gino to suggest doggie style, Nelson readily assuming the position. Right away, this position proved better as Gino was able to put in a punishing pace. A dollop of lube and they went right back to fucking, Gino pushing Nelson down on the futon so that he could go even harder and deeper, Nelson almost screaming for more.

Finally, it was Gino's turn to get a cock up his ass. Starting out with Gino on his back, Nelson slowly shoved his dick into Gino as it was obvious Gino was feeling a bit of discomfort. After a moment, Gino gave Nelson the go-ahead and Nelson immediately picked up the pace until he was fucking like a jack rabbit. Nelson proved to be quite versatile as to the different positions he put himself in, all the while still being able to fuck like a pro. Nelson tried something I've never seen; turning all the way round, still cock deep in Gino, so that their asses were bouncing off each other while Nelson was fucking him. Nelson turned around again, so that he was almost laying on Gino, screwing him into the futon as Gino kept moaning from the sensation of Nelson's dick up his ass. Another switch and Gino went back to riding Nelson as he fisted his dick.

Both boys were too close to coming to continue with the fucking, so they lay next to each other on the futon, wanking themselves off. Amazingly, they managed to cum at the same time; Nelson spraying his stomach while Gino splattered his upper chest and hand. Sitting up, Nelson licked some of the cum off Gino before collapsing back onto the futon. They both showed impressive stamina during the shoot, especially Gino for his first time doing anal, while Nelson was imaginative as ever. I'll have to get these two into the studio again very soon.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 27:32
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 2978kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 621.8 MB
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