BSB - Preston & Leon (HD)


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Nov 26, 2011

In the studio today, we have Preston and Leon. They are here to do an anal scene and I suggested to the boys that they do a flip flop, and both would make $1500. Leon and Preston were happy with that amount as they could both use the extra money. Leon was going to spend his on electricity bills while Preston was going to use his on paying his rent. I got the boys to strip off, both revealing fit, taut bodies. With the straight porn playing, Leon and Preston worked on getting their cocks hard. Leon went right for the dick sucking first, laying across Preston's lap and putting the cock in his straight boy mouth. Preston gave Leon some direction as on how he liked it; deep and slow, Leon only too happy to oblige even as Preston pushed his head down to push his cock in deeper.

It was time for Preston to return the favour, leaning over and swallowing down Leon's cock like a party favour. He had Leon gasping for more almost instantly. It was obvious that Preston was enjoying sucking on Leon's cock as much as Leon was enjoying it, Leon telling him to 'get deep on it!' When Preston started just sucking on the head of Leon's cock, I thought Leon was going to cum right there and then. Leon suggested a 69 so the futon was pulled out and the guys hopped up on it, laying top to tail. Once again, Leon blew Preston's mind at how well he could give a blow job, even as Leon was moaning in pleasure at what Preston was doing. Both boys alternated between sucking on just the head of the cock in their mouths and giving the hard shaft a few good pumps. Leon was as hard as rock and more than ready to get down to business, Preston all for it.

With Preston laying on his back, legs spread wide, Leon was able to slide right into him with one thrust, setting a hard and fast pace. Almost immediately, Preston proved what a bottom bitch he was, vocalising how much he was loving it even as Leon sped up. Preston kept telling Leon to 'fuck that ass!', encouraging him to go even harder and to just 'pound it!' Thankfully, Leon was up for the challenge, grinding into Preston without mercy, even as Preston kept pulling him closer, a tight hand wrapped around his own stiff dick. Leon told him to 'turn that ass around', Preston scrambling to get on all fours at the speed of light. Straightaway, the fucking was hard and furious, Preston still very vocal about how he was loving getting fucked. Leon switched it up, going as deep as he could with slow thrusts, sending Preston wild, Leon telling Preston that he loved his ass.

It was time for Leon to get his ass pounded. Starting with Leon on his back, Preston had to go slow as Leon's ass was really tight, Leon experiencing a bit of discomfort. A slight change of position, and Preston was suddenly able to get his cock all the way in, a and gentle pace being set. As Preston kept gently thrusting into him, Leon was soon relaxed enough to start enjoying it. I suggested that they kiss and without any fuss, Preston immediately swooped down, both boys smiling as they kissed. Soon enough, Preston was able to pick up the pace, Leon groaning in a combination of pain and pleasure even as he stroked his own hard cock. They flipped over, Leon laying on his stomach while Preston knelt behind him, fucking on a sideways angle. Grabbing Leon's hair in a tight fist, Preston slid in long and deep, causing Leon to moan like a bitch.

Deciding to switch it up again, Leon suggested that he and Preston try 'docking'. The boys sat close together on the futon, legs spread wide and Leon holding both their cocks in one hand, jerking them both off at the same time. From both of their expressions, they were going to cum at any moment, it was just a matter of who first. Taking control of their own cocks and wanking hard, Preston shot first, cum spurting over his upper body and chest, Leon only a moment after him, spurting all over Preston's cock and balls.

Both boys did a great job and it's always nice to see something new in a shoot, like 'docking'. Leon and Preston will be back so look out for them in the updates.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 28:35
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 2978kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 645.8 MB
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