BSB - Sean & Santos (HD)


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Nov 26, 2011

Broke Straight Boys welcomes back both Santos and Sean today, and they are here to do an anal scene. Sean decided that because he is broke, he was going to bottom for $1500 while Santos was topping for $1000. Both boys stood up and started undressing, keeping their boxers on. They sat back down, Santos nominating for some gay porn to play while Sean just laughed. Working on their cocks, Santos and Sean soon threw their boxers to the side before continuing to stroke their dicks. As the boys jerked themselves off, I had to get Santos to stand up for a moment so that the BSB members could get a better look at his nice uncut cock. Santos says his dick is 7.5 inches, as for Sean, his dick is just as nice.

Even though he didn't look too pleased to be going first, Sean swooped down and sucked Santos' cock into his straight boy mouth. Cupping one hand around Santos' balls, Sean slowly slid the hard shaft in and out of his mouth while Santos just sat back and enjoyed it. They switched, Sean sitting back while Santos leaned over and went to town on Sean's cock. It was obvious from the start that Santos has quite a bit of experience at sucking cock as he pulled out all the tricks for Sean, all the while, Sean jerked him off. It was clear that Sean was close to cumming so Santos pulled off and Sean went back to sucking him off and while Sean didn't have Santos' expertise, he soon had Santos moaning in pleasure. Santos held Sean's head still, pushing him to keep sucking his cock even as he kept thrusting up into Sean's mouth. Soon enough though, both boys were ready to take it to the next level.

While they initially opened up the futon to do doggie style, ultimately, they decided that Sean would kneel on the futon and lean against the back. Both boys got themselves prepared, Santos slowly pushing into Sean's tight ass even as Sean grimaced in discomfort. Right away, it was clear that Sean was experiencing a bit more pain than he had expected but with Santos banging his ass at a steady pace, Sean concentrated on persevering through it. As this position wasn't working out, they opened up the futon and Sean lay on his back with Santos kneeling between Sean's legs. Thrusting right back into Sean's ass, Santos immediately set a hard and fast rhythm as Sean tugged on his own cock, groaning loudly each time Santos thrust into him.

Sean said that the position was too awkward for him but I asked him to stay there for a few more minutes. However, it was just too painful so I said it was ok if he wanted to try another one. Shifting around a little, Sean ended up still on his back but with his legs bent right back, Santos once again thrusting in hard and fast. Santos was going too fast and rough for Sean as he had to keep reminding Santos to slow down. Sean lay on his front, Santos kneeling behind him and slightly to one side, setting a hard pace from the moment he slid back in, causing Sean to groan in discomfort. It was really hurting Sean as he was having to muffle his moans with the pillow. Once again, they shifted positions in an effort to find one that suited Sean the most, ending up with Sean on his back, his legs bent back. With Santos going slower and Sean playing with his dick, it seemed to be a better position as Sean looked as if he was in less pain. Still, Sean admitted that he couldn't take it much longer even as Santos continued to pound his ass.

A few seconds later and Sean said enough was enough and that he had done his best. I agreed and told the boys to just jerk off and give me a cum shot each. So, with that, both boys wrapped a tight fist around their cocks and started wanking off hard. Only a moment later, Santos gave Sean a facial, cum spraying over Sean's mouth and cheek, while Sean wasn't too far behind him, spurting cum over his stomach and chest. While Sean didn't find bottoming for this scene to be pleasant, he still did a great job in going as long as he did while Santos certainly showed some stamina. Hopefully, they will both be back in the studio soon!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 26:39
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 2978kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 602.1 MB
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