Buddies Audition - Markie More and Johnny C


V.I.P Member
Nov 26, 2011

Studio: Next Door World

Waiting nervously on Markies couch is Johnny, a golden boy with a great attitude and a whole list of things hes never tried with a man. Markie senses Johnnys apprehension and eases him along, slowly kissing him and feeling him out, then losing all pretense and ripping Johnnys clothes off. Johnny takes to things quickly, licking his fingers and beginning to finger Markies ass, as Markie chokes on Johnnys stiffening cock. Johnny pushes Markies head down further onto his shaft as Markie gags a bit from the size, before they switch, and Johnny shows Markie how his fast study, wetting Markies dick with a thick load of saliva before downing it hands free to its base. Markie is marginally impressed, but hes still got a few tests to run before he gives Johnny his full seal of approval. To that end, he flips Johnny over onto his back and begins to pummel him, showing no mercy for Johnnys virgin hole. Johnny strokes feverishly as Markie continues to unleash a free trip to Pound Town, and Johnny takes it all like a champ, riding Markie reverse and grinding on his cock as Markie fucks the cum right out of him, before launching his load all over Johnnys waiting face. Johnny takes the cumshot like a champ and downs Markies cock one last time for good measure, milking it for every last drop, and trying to prove that hell go to any length to prove he has what it takes to fuck like a buddy. But what do you think? Vote early. Vote often.

Format: mp4
Duration: 32:37
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4667kbps
Audio: 144kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

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