Bulletproof 2 (2008)


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Bulletproof 2 (2008)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Amateur, Straight Men, Muscle Men, Finger Fucking, Big Cock, Cumshot, Group Sex, Rimming, Threesomes, Theme: Military/Soldier
Starring: Kaden Saylor, Randy, Elijah, Trent, Thomas, Gage, Cash
Studio: Active Duty

I've gotten so many e-mails about the super cute and super hung Randy. So many of you just love this hot little package and with a personality and cock the size of Dallas - who wouldn't? Since he first appeared here on Active Duty the e-mails have poured in wanting to know when we were going to get him to give up that sweet little virgin ass. Bulletproof 2 puts all that behind us (and Randy) as we get to see this hung hottie give it all up as he joins Kaden and Elijah for a threeway that ends with everyone taking a cock up their ass. Randy proves to be quite the trooper and Bulletproof 2 kicks off with a great first scene.
Things kick off as usual with the boys laying on my bed playing with themselves and chit-chatting back and forth. This time the boxers are all that's left when the camera comes on and all the cocks are rock hard, ready for action. A little more than two minutes in and Randy says he thinks they should all suck some dick. Kaden says Randy can start on his and Randy is between Kaden's legs, sucking his cock faster than you can say Bulletproof 2.
Elijah hops in there and helps Randy out and you can tell right from the start that this is going to be one hell of a threeway. Elijah positions himself so that Kaden can suck his cock while Randy works on Kaden. The boys peel off their boxers like an unwanted layer of skin. Nothing is in the way of their good time now. Kaden is sucking Randy's horse cock now as Elijah enjoys a taste of Kaden. Things move fast, so pay attention. Randy goes back down for more of Kaden's nice meat as Kaden strokes both Randy and Elijah, enjoying his blowjob all the while.
Things move right along and before you know it, Elijah has other plans. He positions himself behind Randy and starts eating his tight ass, getting it worked up for the fucking. But before that happens, Kaden wants another round with that huge fat cock of Randy's and he goes down for another dive.
Elijah and Randy lock lips in a deep, wet and sensual kiss and the screen just melts. Elijah is working his way right into Randy's heart to make getting in his ass a bit easier. Randy is taking to it like candy and loving every second of it. The passion in this scene is over the top as these three really explore themselves some hot mansex. A hot circle-suck ensues and these three are on fire. The cocks are raging hard and the moans tell the story. Bulletproof 2 can't be bothered with being penetrated by any downtime. These three keep the action moving so fast and furious that you wonder if they even remember there's a camera there.
Elijah says it's time for Operation Penetration as he spreads Randy's ass cheeks apart to reveal his pink virgin hole. Elijah says he's gonna tear that shit up and Randy seems more than ready to have him do it. Kaden positions himself over Randy and does push-ups with his cock going in and out of Randy's hungry throat. Elijah slides his hard cock slowly into Randy's hot pucker and Randy takes it like a man while sucking Kaden's cock at the other end. Eli is balls deep and pounding fast and hard in no time flat and Randy is ready to ride it. They switch positions and Randy takes the hard cock for a ride cowboy style. They go from one position to the next and Eli fucks him six ways to Sunday. Just as Elijah is finishing up the deed, Randy gets a call and it's his live in girlfriend sayings she's outside in the driveway and for him to hurry his ass up. Thank goodness she didn't ask to come inside. Things could have taken a crazy turn if that would have happened. Luckily for us, and for you, Randy has completed the mission he was assigned and so we free him to go.
Once Randy is out of the picture and we're all safe from the possibility of female intrusion, Elijah and Kaden get down to business together, giving us an explosive ending to one hell of a scene. They both bottom for each for the other and what a sight to witness. These two are on fire together and you're gonna enjoy every minute of their intimate interaction as they both take it as good as they give it. I'm still speechless as I watch these two hotties get so into each other. Kaden laying across Elijah's back as he pounds his ass has got to be one of the hottest things I've seen in quite some time. Kaden is so this time around and gives his tight ass up to Elijah with ease and eagerness. You can tell he's come a long, long way from that first time when he and Kasey did the deed for one another. And, Elijah seems satisfied in the end that he finally got his chance with Kaden after so long. Elijah had met Kaden way back before Kaden had crossed the line and was still doing solo's. I had a hunch then that Elijah was just waiting for his chance at this fine piece of man meat. Today, he gets his wish and I think Kaden enjoyed just as much or more than Elijah did.
The next scene brings with it some really hot stuff for you that happened sorta unexpectedly one evening around my place that ended up being the second scene. At first, the plan was simple: put Gage with Cash and Thomas and let him take them both on and bottom for these two hotties all the while, pulling Cash further across the line. Just these three guys together would have been one hell of a hot scene for Bulletproof 2, but then my friend Major Wood showed up with a hot Marine in tow: Trent. Trent was sporting a pair of nut-huggin' Wrangler's, a big belt buckle and cowboy boots with a smile that went on for days. This "aw shucks" country boy was wide-eyed and obviously interested in what was going on. He stood on the sidelines and watched the action unfold until he just couldn't help himself anymore and joined in the fun that would become the second half of Bulletproof 2. But before he joined in, Gage, Cash and Thomas really put on a show that hardly anyone could resist the chance to join in on.
Six minutes was all it took and Trent was there on the couch next to Thomas. He kept saying how he wanted to worship Thomas' nipples and play with his big pecs. You gotta love a man that knows exactly what he wants. He gets right down to the task at hand and buries his face in Thomas' chest while Gage buries his face in Trent's crotch. Things go from there to Trent and Gage sharing Cash's hard cock for a bit. Talk about being hungry. Trent has got to be one of the hungriest young Marines I've seen in quite some time. Once he gets down on a cock, he doesn't let up until lightening strikes - or, a bigger cock presents itself.
That's exactly what happens in the second scene of Bulletproof 2 when Thomas' cock comes into view. Trent goes bananas for that huge meat and is on it, sucking and worshipping it like he's at a buffet. Meanwhile, Gage is doing the same with Cash's cock. The four of these guys together equals enough heat to melt your screen. Watch with caution and check your monitor's tempurature regularly, troops.
Things take a turn about midway through the action as Gage positions himself behind Trent and starts eating his nice hole while Trent keeps sucking on Thomas' huge meat and Thomas feasts on Cash's hard cock.
Things take their next turn when Cash can't help himself any longer and wants an ass to plow. Gage throws his up in the air and offers it to Cash and Cash dives right in. Meanwhile Thomas is fucking Trent's throat like there's no tomorrow and Trent is taking it like a champ. Thomas slides in with his huge hard cock and buries it in Gage's ass after Cash has it all wet and ready. Gage blows his load in record time with the huge monster deep inside him and Thomas asks, "so, who am I fucking next?" Gage points to Trent who is all smiles and elects him to be next. Trent assumes the position on his hands and knees and I zoom into his face and ask if he's ready for this. He says he's not sure about that, but what follows proves he had it all wrong.
He was dying for it. Thomas is balls deep in no time flat and Trent is in heaven. Thomas is stuffing this country boy to the gills and slamming his cock in and out of his cowboy ass. I'm sure Trent felt like he was being ridden by a bull instead of riding one. Thomas pulls out for a minute to give me a nice shot of this freshly fucked hole and what a sweet looking pucker it is. But Thomas isn't done yet. He plows back in balls deep and goes for another round. While he's being banged out hard and deep, Trent reaches over and strokes Cash's hard cock. But Thomas goes first and pulls out of Trent's hole and lands the biggest load I've seen in awhile all over Trent's back, neck and face. A real gusher. Cash follows up with a huge load of his own and these boys are spent. Trent has come full circle in a matter of an evening and its a wrap. Bulletproof 2 is complete. Enjoy!..

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