Bull's Eye


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Nov 26, 2011

Release Year: 1995
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: J.T. Sloan, Chad Conners, Chad Knight, Cutter West, Danny Orlis, Eric York, Rusty Samuels, Tim Catch
Genres: anal, oral, couple, uniform

"Will you be able to put the pieces of this hit erotic thriller together? You have 87 minutes to solve the puzzle. The pieces are passion ... Michael Zen's award-winning Bull's Eye is an intriguing and spellbinding tale of the most twisted kind of ly love.
John (JT Sloan) is on the run and hiding in a garage. Rusty Samuels brings Cutter West into the garage telling him that his parents won't bother them because they are busy watching a baseball game. Rusty worships Cutter's smooth muscular body from head to toe. Cutter bends Rusty over the car and fucks his smooth ass hard. Rusty ends up on his back blowing a load all over himself and then Cutter jerks off on to him. Before he leaves Cutter looks down at Rusty, who is covered in cum, and asks, "What would your say if he knew you were fucking guys in the garage?"
Rusty lies still on the garage floor spent from the sex. A rustling in the corner of the room tips him off that he's not alone. Johnes out of the dark corner of the garage where he's been hiding and admits he's watched the whole thing. Rusty is nervous at first but John explains that he's on the run and someone is trying catch him. Rusty agrees to give John a ride to his friend Frank's house to warn him about the danger. On the way to see Frank, John passes out, exhausted from being on the run all day. When he wakes up, the car is parked on an end street and there is a bull's eye drawn on the car window. John gets out of the car and finds Rusty's body hidden in the trunk. John takes off on the run.
That night he finds himself outside of Frank's (Chad Knight) house. Frank's been out at the bar and he picked up a sailor, Danny Orlis. Frank goes down on Danny, sucking his cock to the base and then Danny returns of favor deep throating Frank's big dick. After fucking his face, Frank buries his cock deep inside Danny's tight hole. Danny grunts and groans taking every inch he can until Frank blows a creamy load all over his tan skin.
Frank tells John that he looks like a mess and that Don has been calling all day looking for him. John quickly checks to make sure that Frank didn't say anything to Don. After assuring him that he hasn't said anything, Frank goes to check out the can John told him about and John goes to clean himself up in the shower.
While he's in the shower John has a flashback to taking Chad Conners down to his basement where they can fool around. Chad finds a police uniform down there and asks John who it belongs to. John says it was his "friend" Don's, but Don got kicked off the police after he beat up a gay guy. Chad's not sure this is the best place for them to be hooking up, but John assures him it's safe and the two muscular smooth hunks start to undress one another. Little do they know that they are being watched.
Chad returns from checking out the car and is about to call the police for help. Before he can make the call a mysterious stranger arrives and shoots him. When John gets out of the shower he finds the mysterious bull's eye message again written on the mirror in lipstick.
Back in the present Don takes John back to his house and him to put on lipstick. Don tells John that he looks like a slut, and then begins to make out with him. Don John to suck him off. Don fucks John's face and then holds John down on a bed so that he can suck John's cock. Don fingers John's hole until he's begging to be fucked. Don finally slides his thick cock into John's ass and fucks him without mercy. Don unloads his cock on John's chest and then John squirts his own load.
A few days later, Warren Scott, a police officer checks on John to see if he's doing okay in the aftermath. John explains that his was teased a lot when he was younger and that he must have finally snapped. Warren begins to flirt with John and he invites Warren toe over later that night, on the condition that he wears his uniform.
When Warren arrives he finds an unexpected surprise waiting for him. John lures him into the house and seduces him in the living room. They suck each other off and then John fucks Warren on the couch and on the floor until both of them spray their loads.
In the twisted end it's John who is saying the catchphrase Bull's Eye. "

Format: avi
Duration: 1:23:17
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1953kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

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