[COAT KURATATSU] Complete File 34 Shinji


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[COAT KURATATSU] Complete File 34 - Shinji

Release Year: 2006
Video language: Japanese

Here is the very friendly model Shinji, a collection of 5 scenes. He started in "Scout Caravan 19", where he was jerked off by the girl staff and also the male staff. Possibly not gay, he had no hang-ups about kissing the male staff on the lips when asked. He appeared next in "i-mode Academy 4", also jerked off by a male staff, and he was invited to look at his own swimming sperms under the microscope. The 3rd scene was taken from "Another Version 3" where he made love to a girl. He cum once while being bathed and massaged, and cum again when fucking the girl. Then follows two gay scenes. In "Fine 28 - I'll Remember August", he made love with a lover, same age, and he was top and then bottom. The 5th and last scene was from "Babylon 41 - The Hospital - Naughty Transmission". This was a short story scene, where he was a convict-patient, and about his encounters with the 2 doctors responsible for him. A reasonably good collection.

File size: 1.2 GB

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