[COAT KURATATSU] Complete File 35 Gondou


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Dec 24, 2011
[COAT KURATATSU] Complete File 35 - Gondou

Release Year: 2006
Video language: Japanese

I didn't realize that Gondou has starred in so many Coat-Kuratatsu videos prior to this collection. In here, we see Gondou in 8 video scenes, or 9, counting a scene with only interview. He is quite a hunk, and was often given the role of being a brute. He is both top and bottom, preferring either. From his first "Perverted Interviewer S23" debut, he showed promising beginnings by being tied-up and dildo'd. Next he starred as a monk-head in "G:eX3" where he was JO'd and fucked by staff, and then he fucked back. He had double-billings in "DanGet 17". In a long scene, he owned a rich house and he was visited by a handsome athletic friend, they had sex and they fucked each other. In the same video, he had another scene where he taught judo to a novice, and fucked the student. Most memorable is his performance in "Babylon 42 - Youth Crime", he was a victim of gang rape by 3 young delinquents, and there was a controversial shot where he was hit on the head brutally by a wooden plank, and spilled on the concrete ground his blood from his concussed head and three broken front-teeth. He lay fatally wounded on the ground while the attackers fled - such violence was seldom seen in any porn film. Happier scenes follow. In "Power Grip PG101" he cruised in a highway rest area, and was rewarded by sucking a container truck driver, being fucked, and fucked. Lastly in "Power Grip PG104", he was stopped by a cop for trumped-up violations, the gorgeous 22yo athletic cop took him back to the station and hand-cuffed him, made him suck cock, and fucked him. Fortunately in the next scene, Coat staff stepped in, and chained the uniformed cop to the famous Red X Cross to molest him. Gondou had his sweet revenge and gave the virgin cop his first AGF experience as a bottom! All in all, quite a load for several viewings, and good value for money.

File size: 1.5 GB

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