[COAT KURATATSU] Complete File 36 Kaoru


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[COAT KURATATSU] Complete File 36 - Kaoru

Release Year: 2006
Video language: Japanese

Kaoru is a happy and handsome young man, but he has not starred in that many videos. He was first seen in "Discovery 1" with a friend, when he was JO'd inside a van by the girl staff and the man staff. He came back in Discovery 4, again just a JO scene by a staff dressed as Ultra-Man. In Babylon 30, he played an over-aged college student in a story whose plot defies logic. He and his classmate were seen on motorcycles. Then his classmate went to a job interview and was told to strip. The classmate was next bound to a Red X Cross and blindfolded. Then he appeared on the scene and had sex with his classmate but no one forced him. This was a poorly executed scene. Lastly he appeared in a long clip from Power Grip PG86 - Platinum Egg. Four young men went skiing, and stripped among the snowy slopes. He and another young man had sex in a ski lodge and he was top, this was a nice cozy scene. He also JO'd briefly in the toilet, and he was found in bed by the nosy staff wanting sleepy cock to be video'd.

File size: 1.1 GB

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