[COAT KURATATSU] Complete File 37 Tsuyoshi 2


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[COAT KURATATSU] Complete File 37 - Tsuyoshi 2

Release Year: 2006
Video language: Japanese

This collection also had five scenes. Tsuyoshi starred in PG104, and he was a suit-and-tie guy, and he fucked a man still wearing socks. Then comes a drama scene which was quite good, from Winner Game 1 again, where he and another athlete didn't know if the other was gay; they had a tentative start, then made love. He fucked his athlete partner, which was no news. Next, he and another athlete buddy shared a girl in bed, from AV2, both took turns to fuck the girl. This was an exciting scene, but quite straight and not bisexual - the two men didn't even so much as touch. In a scene from danGet 18, he was a bartender, and he desired another hunk staff; so he fucked him on the disco floor after hours. The final scene was where Tsuyoshi was fucked, at last. It was not quite what I expected, though. He was in Basara Genesis and SM was taken to an extreme. He was collared, bridled, clamped, gagged, waxed, swatted, dildo'd. With hands bound and unable to resist, he was fucked several times from front and back, by more than one.

File size: 1.8 GB

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