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A Wank in the Woods

Release Year: 2001
Cast: Jirka Kalvoda , Jan Dvorak (Pavel Novotny, Aka Jaroslav, Max Orloff, Maxim, Jirka Bartok, Karol Bartok , Carlo Festa, Stanislav Otava, Vladimir Gott, Jordi Cosimo, Zdenek Vesper, Boris Mateho, Gernot (Snake, Karol Gasman, Tomas Benda, Adam Cernak, Pisek, M
Genres: Group, Masturbation, Uniforms

Gorgeous Czech men are bussed deep into the forest for a Higgins photo shoot, a picnic, some macho frolicking and, as the title says, a wank in the woods. While there is technically no sexual contact either here or in three other mini-movies tacked on, the video has plenty of erotic moments. For starters, there is not a single also-ran on the bus. All are winners -- either muscle hunks or cutie pie boy toys. Longtime real life buddies Kalvoda and Dvorak and a few others are veterans of Higgins's Eastern European porn phase and fairly relaxed. Kalvoda and Dvorak initiate a muscle posing competition that dissolves into a frisky wrestling match and spraying spree around the charcoal grill. Most are more self conscious as they stand and sit, trying to act naturally in an unnatural situation, i.e., pretty boys who mostly don't know one another, brought together to get naked and spill their loads. Their discomfort shows in intriguing and sexy ways as they trade awkward banter while shedding clothes and stiffening up their considerable endowments. During one of several peeing scenes one buffed guy grabs his butt cheek and squeezes it, flashing an innocent and utterly charming smile. Kalvoda finishes his pee stream on Dvorak's leg. There must be something in the water over there that gives them all a cum-shooting potency. When they start to unload it's an awesome series of primal spurts. The wank session is followed by some near naked volleyball and a naked swim in the lake. Higgins narrates a rather tedious documentary on "The Making of..." the wank scene and how difficult the rainy weather made the session. He was able to record only a fraction of the useable footage he planned, but to the viewer it's not nearly as monumental a problem as he takes pains to describe, so this part is largely an unnecessarily technical reprise of what went before, and it comes off as a bit self-indulgent. The other two short subjects are more worthwhile. In "Picnic" four cute guys, including the sexy, rosy-cheeked, baby-faced pup Festa and tall, dark Otava in his only video appearance, have an outdoor meal, strip, ogle one another, get on hands and knees to show their butt holes and shoot copious loads. A closing hug is their only contact. Finally, studly model Maxim does an outdoor solo ending in a big cum shot.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:30:52
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 815kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 654.5 MB

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Czech Up 6


You know what they say: Doctor Knows Best! In this sixth installment of his popular medical Czech Up series, William Higgins introduces us to five more young men who are in for a surprise when they visit the doctors surgery.
No matter what the problem is, our doctors and male nurses know what these guys really need and the doctor is going to make sure they get it in the end -- and thats exactly where the patients get it in these Czech Ups!!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:06:32
Video: 720x540, DivX 5, 1758kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 924.5 MB

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Aaron's Russian Boy Orgy 2

Release Year: 2002
Cast: Aaron Lawrence, Leon, Ivan, Danil, Alexi#3, Andrey, Vlad, Artem, Igor, Kirill
Genres: Twinks Anal Oral

Russia gave the world the real masterpiece - an orgy of ten Russian guys, non-stop, in a genre of amateur video, but very good quality. Group sex filmed very high quality, the camera will come with the most outspoken of places no one will not go unnoticed, a good hard moments with detailed design asses. All that you dreamed of in his most obscene fantasies!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:08:51
Video: 480x368, DivX 5, 1271kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 677.2 MB
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Above And Beyond

Release Year: 2008
Cast: Adam Jesse (m) Raven Wright
Genres: Amateur Cumshot Masturbation Compilation

They cum everywhere! Faces, walls, pillows, nothing is safe from these incredible power shooters... You got to see this dvd to believe it!!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:31:14
Video: 320x240, Windows Media Video V8, 1242kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 576.4 MB
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Afternoon Delights

Release Year: 2007
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Brendan Austen, Dominic Pacifico, Fred Faurtin, Luc Bonay, Marc LaSalle, Marcos Pirelli, Mario Cruz, RC Ryan
Genres: Hunks, oral, anal sex, cumshots

Raging Stallion brings you sex in the afternoon, with eight dick-hungry men. In four scenes and a solo, this movie brings you real hardcore action filmed with Raging Stallion's skill and style.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:11:43
Video: 720x404, DivX 3, 756kbps
Audio: 121kbps

File size: 859.6 MB
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Ass Lick Alley

Release Year: 1998
Studio: All Worlds
Cast: Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Bruce Hill, Tanner Hayes, Nicholas Clay, David Bradley, Austin Masters, Tom Matthews, Mitchell Stevens, Jason Ryder, Dean Maxwell, Sam Carson, Michael Vista, Billy Sax, Nick Moore, Paul Dawson , Mat West, Kris Wolff
Genres: Oral, Rimming, Group, Cum shots, Anal, Safe sex

The scene: a back alley. The goods: 18 horny men. The situation: random sexual encounters and an orgy. The bottom line: A fuckin 'hot time! There's plenty more to this video than ass licking, but indeed, the ass licking is as intense as it gets. Each scene builds on the previous one to end in a blazing glory of a no-holds barred orgy.
The first scene features Billy Sax and Tanner Hays going at it. Billy looks absolutely edible with his rock hard dick sticking out of his shorts as he teases Tanner. These men display some awesome talents in cocksucking and ass eating before Tanner takes a seat on Billy's pole for a very well-shown sweaty fuck. Billy creams all over Tanner's chest and proceeds to mix it with the sweat and lick it up.
That's just the lay-up for an even hotter second scene. Real-life lovers Blake Harper and Ja Branch have been watching the previous coupling and get so hot and bothered themselves that they being to suck face and suck cock, all the while being watched by Bruce Hill through an open window. Bruce soones out to join them, and what ensues is one of the hottest all-oral scenes ever caught on videotape, deservedly winning as the Best All-Oral Scene in the Gay Video News 2000 Awards. These men suck ass, dick, and face like there's no tomorrow. At one point, Blake manages to much on both Ja's and Bruce's ass at the same time, while he teases Bruce's ass with Ja's meaty dick. This is made all the hotter by making the viewer a true voyeur, at times showing the action through a chain link fence.
The next scene is with the ultra-hung Paul Daw and scruffy Michael Vista. Michael is in cocksucker heaven as he visibly struggles to get Paul's horsemeat into his mouth. One huge turn on in this scene is that the saliva flows freely, both with the cocksucking and the kissing. At one point, after an intense face sucking moment, Paul and Michael pull briefly back from each other to show off their gaping open mouths with interconnecting strands of saliva. The cocksucking and ass licking is no less enthusiastic. The scene ends with Paul giving Michael a sloppy facial, which Paul then devours.
The final scene is an orgy that starts out with six men and literally explodes into a maze of flesh of cocksucking, ass eating, and buttfucking among 14 men. The men tend towards the beefy side (Mitchell Stevens, Austin Masters, Sam Car, to name just a few), and the cocks are no less meaty than the men. There are a few twinkies thrown in, Mat West and Tanner Hayes, who are covered in a coat of cum by scene's end. There really is too much to describe here, but you will undoubtedlye back to this scene over and over.
Chi Chi has pulled off one fantastic ball-busting video. The men are hungry and eager, and the sex ranges from hot to scorching. You will definitely not be disappointed, and you'll find yourself repeatedly perusing this video when you feel the need to spank the monkey.

Format: MPEG
Duration: 1:12:07
Video: 352x240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 716.1 MB
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Bare Eagles

Release Year: 2006
Studio: Tainted Twinx, Vimpex
Cast: Mark Zebro, Tomas Friedl, Jerry Harris, Denis Reed, Lars Jensen, Dymy Sove, Paul Stevens, Tim West, Luke Hobbs, Clay Osbourne, Rusty Smith, Lajo Celec, George Kena
Genres: Gay, Amateur Twinks, bareback actions

Put together a group of horny fresh young scouts, balls brimming with juicy young cum, and anything and everything can happen. For 160 minutes Bare Eagles surrender to their raging hormones in the most intense bareback scenes ever to grace the screen. In a dormitory two sexy scouts tenderly kiss and caress each other. One twink goes down on his lover's pole and licks it down to the nut sack before bending over and taking a deep dicking. A creamy load in the mouth and a shot of jizz over a smooth torso finishes the scene perfectly. Next, another pair of horny fuckers strip out of their uniforms for some hot boy-on-boy action. A hard rod pierces one lad's tight hole and the lovers fuck doggy style - before a candle replaces the hot cock for a waxy fuck. Unable to contain himself any longer the candle is removed and the sexy lad fires his spunk over the freshly poked butt hole. A few drinks has three mates reaching for bulging crotches and sweet lips. One lad offers up his hole and ends up getting a spit roasting he will never forget and a soaking of jizz from both boys. Other highlights include a suck-fest in the wood store where two horny buggers gobble on each other's logs and, a dining table that acts as a stage for two hungry scouts who want a huge helping of cock-au-vin, a side of ass and a dollop of creamy spunk. Bare Eagles puts the Ging Gang Goolies back into the scout movement!

Format: avi
Duration: 2:45:30
Video: 624x352, DivX 5, 581kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 908.7 MB
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Bare Huge Loads 7

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Huge Studio
Video language: English

horny dicks in 100% bareback action! Loads of cum and lots of hard fucking in tiny holes.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:04:12
Video: 640x480, MP4V, 1998kbps
Audio: 115kbps

File size: 995.9 MB
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Bareback Auditions 3

Genres: bareback,anal,oral,interracial
Video language: English

These young studs all want to get in the industry and will do anything to prove that they are stars. We have host Aidyn Michael who is every bottom's fantasy and Erik who makes sure all involved leave satisfied.
JD Lopez is all muscle and a pretty face. He tells Erik he is versatile and decides whether to bottom by how big the other guy's dick is. If it is bigger than his, his legs go up. Erik wins and JD gets fucked royally.
Aidyn teases Jonathan Corona big time. Jonothan likes to suck dick and get his pretty butt fucked. That suits Aidyn just fine. Jonathan also had a pierced tongue to please his top's asshole.
Next up is 21yo Mickey Dee Jay comes in to see Aidyn. Mickey likes it doggy style. After ravenously eating Aidyn's ass for all it is worth, Mickey spreads his hunky ass wide for a sweet dicking.
Black Delight is another Georgia guy like Aidyn. And like Aidyn, he has a big cock that throbs and bobs. Black Delight bends over and takes it deep."
Tags edited. Thanks to the commenter for the correction!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:03:30
Video: 720x536, XviD, 1804kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 902.8 MB
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Bareback Beginners 01

Release Year: 2004
Studio: Eagle Video
Cast: Starring Jindrich, Martin, Dznitry, Mareks, Jakub, Ruslan, Martin B. and Dmitru.
Genres: Anal,Oral Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Sucking, Group Sex, Twinks, Spunks

Some cute, some well-built and all well-endowed young European twink guys that love screwing each other. Their sex is sans condom, spewing cum on each other's faces, mouths, chests and asses, licking up the loads, and "snowballing" - sharing it in cum-kisses.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:36:13
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1312kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.0 GB
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Bareback Beginners 12

Release Year: 2006
Studio: Eagle Video
Genres: bareback, anal, oral, twinks

Bareback Beginners 12 has a Dozen guys with ripped abs and arms, many doing bareback hardcore sex for the first time. Studs like Ondra, Vasek and >>

Format: avi
Duration: 1:47:08
Video: 592x432, XviD, 658kbps
Audio: 54kbps

File size: 564.9 MB
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Bareback Recruits 2 The Cole War

Release Year: 2006
Studio: Active Duty
Cast: Cole, Swedish, Shane
Genres: bareback, military

Massive-dicked Cole joins Shane and Swedish for a no-holes barred fuck-a-thon. Everybody tops and bottoms!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:22:08
Video: 624x480, XviD, 1322kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 876.5 MB
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Bareback Roomies

Release Year: 2009
Studio: Perverzzo
Cast: Leonid, Roman, Oscar, Daniel, Denis, Jaroslav and more.
Genres: Anal / Oral Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Twinks, Threesome

Five scenes of teasing twink action here in Bareback Roomies where lithe young lads are all vying for as much nasty sex as they can get. The champagne is flowing in scene one when some lads have a party. Two tender twinks retire to the bedroom where they are soon face-fucking one another's dick. Fingering his pal's arsehole has the boy's arse ready for a deep peration, so he promptly launches his cock into his pal's tight sphincter. Back on the sofa two guys have continued to drink bubbly. Tipsy, these young-bucks kiss and caress before topse off revealing stunning abs and throbbing boners. These insatiable studs suck each other's cock in a frenzy of blowjob action before erect dicks are thrust inside willing holes. In the kitchen the following morning two twinks get together for an incredible shag that leaves both boys breathless. The three lads then return for a thrilling threeway romp on the sofa which includes spit-roasting and a gargantuan load of thick boy-cum! If you've a lover of hot Euro-teen action then Bareback Roomies should be top of your list.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:40:44
Video: 720x576, DivX 5, 811kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 718.0 MB
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Basic Plumbing

Release Year: 1993
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Chase Hunter, Aaron Austin, Sean Davis, Tony DiAngelo, Cody Foster, Erik Houston, Barry Howard, York Powers, Allen Stephensen
Genres: Anal, oral, cumshots, fingering, muscules, group, big dick, musturbate, toys

Two big-dicked men Chase Hunter and "Long Dong" Sean Davis star in this story about men who can plug any pipe, fill any hole and make any fountain spurt! Learn how to clean those pipes right with this hardcore man-action.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:07:19
Video: 480x368, DivX 5, 976kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 530.5 MB
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Black Lode (1985)

Release Year: 1985
Cast: Carliss Sharpe Bradley Al Short Odis Campell Florenzo Blackwell Romero Davis Keith Lancaster
Genres: Black Cumshot Big Dick Masturbation Classic Muscles

When a scientist decides to study the human orgasm and needs sperm samples, he turns to seven very virile black models that beat off for him in a 75 minute masturbation marathon. Each one, lead to the lab by a "cum for money" advertisement, exhibits their own very personal style while making their donation to such wonderful scientific research. Florenzo Blackwell pulls on his huge and uncut rod, pinches his nipples, rolls his tight foreskin back and forth, and stretches his pre-cum like a gossamer thread. Romero Davis and Keith Lancaster watch Carliss Sharpe rub oil into his velvet black sin, sart to rub his crotch and bask in the rays of the hot sun and everyone's lust-including his own.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:11:37
Video: 640x480, DivX 4, 1076kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 603.9 MB
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