Collin O´Neals world of men - Lebanon


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Nov 26, 2011

Studio: Raging Stallion

"The first ever porn movie from a major studio filmed entirely on location in the Middle East. You loved Arabesque, but with Lebanon you get the real thing - and one of the most amazing movies of the year. Collin O'Neal and his film crew hired superstar François Sagat to go on a trip to Lebanon to film this stunning movie just weeks before war broke out. Other than François and Collin, the cast consists of guys from Lebanon and other countries of the region. None of them have ever made movies before, and most will never be seen in film again. This is the real deal - hot Arabian studs performing amazing sex. The fucking in this movie is over-the-top, and Collin O'Neal demonstrates again that he is a fantastic director of gay erotica.

Gorgeous muscle hunk François Sagat stumbles into an abandoned bombed-out building to find Sayid playing with his thick manly chest hair. François eagerly responds to Sayid’s horny call for attention by lifting his shirt, playing with his juicy chest and looking back with a seductive look. Sex starved, François signals Sayid to follow him up the broken stairs for some privacy. Sayid wastes no time pulling off François’s shirt to worship his world-class chest. François is pushed against a wall and quickly drops to his knees to worship Sayid’s juicy Arab cock. Sayid decides he wants a piece of François’s thick uncut cock before he turns François around and licks his tight hole. Sayid slaps François’s big muscle ass before thrusting his cock inside it from behind. The men are so horned up by the hot location that François decides to hang from a mortar shell hole in the ceiling while Sayid holds up François’s thick legs and fucks him. Sayid loves François’ ass so much he bends him over against a bullet-ridden wall and fucks him until he cums, letting out a primordial scream and slapping his rock hard cock in the cum on François’s ass. François gets so excited he shoots his load all over the dirty floor.

The next scene starts out with Collin finding Sayid in traditional Bedouin headdress to protect himself from the harsh Middle Eastern sun. After trekking a bit, Collin and Sayid come upon a small waterfall and decide to cool off. Sayid runs his fingers through Collin’s hairy chest all the way down until he finds Collin’s massive meat through his pants. Collin and Sayid swap sloppy blowjobs while sweating under the heat of the midday sun. Collin then leads Sayid over to the shade to continue hot sex, but they finally end up on a cliff for privacy before Collin pounds Sayid’s hairy Arab ass on top of a rock. François then stumbles upon the couple fucking and pulls out and jerks his thick uncut cock while watching. Cum shots signal completion and ultimate satisfaction.

Jacko is one of Collin’s hottest finds to date, with his huge muscular body, big balls and thick dick; he is one amazing Arab! The scene starts out with François, Collin and Jacko cruising among ancient ruins. Eventually these three stunning men retreat to Jacko’s apartment to get to know each other a bit better. Collin quickly feeds his big dick to François while Jacko bends down to worship François’s thick cock. François returns the favor and begins to worship Jacko’s huge chiseled chest as Collin plays with François’s perfectly round ass. Collin wastes no time in getting François’s ass into position for a hard pounding as he eats Jacko’s huge muscle ass. Now it’s Jacko’s turn to have his muscle ass pounded by Collin’s juicy pole. Finally François decides to sit on Collin’s big cock while worshipping Jacko’s huge muscles. François gets so excited he explodes two completely separate times, a truly amazing sight to see. This may be one of the hottest threeways of the year, and if you are a fan of beautifully filmed fucking, you are going to watch this footage over and over.

Samir is definitely a hot, rough Arab man with a face to kill. This guy symbolizes the Arab genetic stock perfectly. Martin finds Samir wandering in the local ruins and leads him up to his messy kitchen. Martin desperately wants to kiss the sexy hunk’s lips, but Samir wants nothing to do with romance, he is just looking to get his rocks off and s Martin’s face down on his cock and thick bush. Samir then roughly pushes Martin over the counter, pulls his pants down and attacks Martin’s pretty, tight ass! Position after position of great fucking - the kind of penetration that only Raging Stallion and Collin O'Neal can deliver - will get your rocks off like never before.

Marco is a young man cruising the waterfront but cannot find anyone to take his bait. He eventually goes to see Youssef, a friend of a friend. Youssef welcomes Marco in and quickly attacks him. Youssef bends Marco over and aggressively slaps and fingers Marco’s round white ass. Marco turns around and chomps down on Youssef’s dark hard cock. Youssef then turns Marco over and wildly fucks him while Marco’s thick uncut cock and huge balls bounce back and forth. Youssef then takes Marco onto the couch and pounds him until they both explode. You gotta see it to believe it!

We really live in a wonderful world of men, and Collin O'Neal and Raging Stallion have once again gone the extra mile (or in this case, 6,000 miles) to deliver the hottest men on earth directly to you for your total enjoyment. This movie is one of the best examples of gay erotica ever made!"

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