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Elder Buckley fucks Elder Riley in "Men Behind The Curtain" (720p)


V.I.P Member
Nov 26, 2011

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Elder Buckley, Elder Riley
Genres: Oral, Anal, Rimming, Breeding, Big Dick, Average Dick, Muscle, Hunks, Twinks, Cumshot, Bareback

Thinking they have the church building to themselves, Elder Buckley (aka Jake Tipton, Zane Anders) and Elder Riley find a secluded spot for a long fuck. But Newman overhears them, and he hides behind a corner and watches them while he jacks off.

Missionaries often spend a good deal of their time “tracking” — going door to door and asking people to let them into their homes to share the gospel message. Tracting can be very discouraging. Most people just don’t answer their doors. Those who do usually turn the missionaries down, sometimes rudely. Only very rarely does someone invite the missionaries in. A day of tracting can be depressing and exhausting.

This afternoon, Elder Buckley and Elder Riley have been turned away time and again. They’re frustrated, and Elder Riley really has to pee. Elder Buckley tells him to hold it until someone invites them in. But when Elder Riley says he can’t hold it any longer, they decide to swing by the stake center and use the bathroom there.

While Elder Riley is in the bathroom, Elder Buckley leans against a wall and imagines his companion pulling his dick out of his pants and taking a long piss. He can’t stop thinking about the time they fucked, and he wishes he were in the bathroom right now, holding Elder Riley’s penis while he drained it. He starts to get hard, and he feels guilty for having thoughts like this in the church, but the building is silent. He and his companion are the only people there. Read more . . .

When Elder Riley comes out, he sees the bulge in Elder Buckley’s pants and he knows he has to have it before they can continue tracting. He’s had enough of hearing “no” today. So he grabs the bulge and says, “I wish we could have sex right here in the church.” Elder Buckley smiles, takes him by the hand, and leads him to the stage. They part the dark curtain and find themselves in the most secluded spot in the church. Elder Riley is nervous — they can’t have sex here. What if someone catches them? But Elder Buckley reassures him that they’re all alone. They start to kiss, and Elder Buckley gropes Elder Riley’s crotch. He’s already hard.

After a day of hard work and being turned away, everything is suddenly easy. Elder Buckley wants one thing, and Elder Riley is not going to put up any resistance. While they make out, he slips Elder Riley’s pants off and then unbuttons his shirt. Elder Riley’s hard dick presses against his garments. He’s wearing a one-piece, so Elder Buckley pulls down the top half of his garments and gets an eyeful of his lean, hairless torso. Then he pulls them all the way down and takes his companion’s hard dick in his mouth. He learned a few things from the way Elder Riley sucked his dick last time, and now he really works over Elder Riley’s dick, sucking it, taking it deep in his throat, licking the head and balls. Elder Riley runs a hand through his hair and pulls Elder Buckley’s head down on his dick. Then Elder Buckley stands and they kiss again—both of them can taste Elder Riley’s dick on Elder Buckley’s breath.

Elder Riley starts to take off Elder Buckley’s pants, but Elder Buckley flips him around and puts him on his hands and knees. Elder Buckley strips off his pants and garments and pulls out his monster cock, stroking it while he plays with the ass Elder Riley has offered up to him. Then he drops to his knees and sticks his tongue in it. Elder Riley feels completely exposed, but the risk makes him feel more horny than he has ever felt in his life. As Elder Buckley licks his balls and his asshole, he thinks about all the Mormon boys he ever had a crush on as a young man. And when his companion slides his fat dick into his wet hole, it’s the culmination of all those adolescent fantasies.

Elder Buckley’s dick is so big that when it goes in Elder Riley’s ass it takes his breath away. He concentrates on relaxing and letting it all the way in. Elder Buckley knows he should go slow, but he can’t wait — he shoves his dick all the way in and starts to pound away. While he fucks Elder Riley, he takes off his shirt and garment and tosses them on the floor. He spreads his legs a little wider and gives his companion a good hard fuck. But Elder Riley asks to be fucked even harder, and Elder Buckley rises to the challenge, giving him a solid pounding that pushes the chair he’s on nearly off the stage.

They move the operation to the floor so that Elder Buckley can fuck him as hard as he wants. Elder Riley gets on his back and Elder Buckley bends his legs back with his giant hands. He’s breathing hard and starting to sweat. “Faster,” says Elder Riley. He can’t get enough. He closes his eyes and takes the abuse being unleashed on his ass. Elder Buckley flips him over and fucks him doggy style. As he gets close to cumming, he speeds up and starts to pull Elder Riley deeper onto his dick with his hands. Elder Riley is completely his, he can do whatever he wants with him. He can’t take it any longer — he pulls his hard dick out and shoots cum all over Elder Riley’s hole, and then shoves it back in, pushing all of his cum deep into his companion’s hole. He gives him a few more slow thrusts, breathing hard and leaning in for a kiss.

But as it turns out, they were not alone. Newman is hiding behind a curtain and he watches the whole scene. He slips his own dick out of his suit pants and plays with it. He can hear them gasping and moaning, and he can hear the sound of flesh slapping on flesh. He gets his dick hard and takes a peek now and then at the two young bodies slamming each other. It looks like he’s going to have to have a word with the Mission President about these two unchaste elders.

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:34
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2121kbps
Audio: 153kbps

File size: 362.5 MB

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