Gambler's Delight


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Nov 26, 2011

Studio: Private Man

In this Eastern European outing youll recognize some of the faces - all using pseudonyms which makes it really hard keeping up with your favorite performers. Luckily we here in the office cross-reference every title and you should be able to keep track. We love you that much! For example, Ferenc is Fred Fele aka Attila Freneczi aka Mick Huston. Lets not even think about Adam's many monikers. Scanning down the cast list I noticed 'Fantazi' lets hope he indulges us in some, and also Lulu - you never know, we might get to hear a rendition of Shout or To Sir with Love or maybe even Independence.

This one has gambling as its theme, but the budget doesnt stretch to James Bond style casinos, so prepare to use your imagination. (Hey, the first Private Man was set in ancient Rome and I heard no-one complaining.) No marks for the opening credits though. I've never been aroused by The Entertainer and please dont think I'm going be turned on by it now. Scott Joplin has and never will be erotic in my books. Forgiven, forgotten, just this once!

We start as four badly dubbed studs play cards. Ferenc is all out of money but Fantazi tempts him to double-or-nothing (guess this was filmed before the Euro was introduced judging by the generic Monopoly money he wafts about). Sandor folds (pussy) and Adam can only look on as Ferenc loses again. In walks hilariously dubbed (he sounds so campy and chipper!) Gabor who drags Fantazi and Adam off to another room.

There, the three studs french before chewing each others nipples. Gabor drops to his knees and sucks on the two younger studs foreskinned equipment, before offering his tight ass to Fantazi spitroasting, with Adam receiving the oral attention. Gabor then tongue-fucks Fantazi, loosing him up to receive Adams pud-present. As he straddles him, Gabor works on his free dick, giving his loose foreskin some expert attention. Gabor takes it once more, this time form Adam, and its not long before the two studs cover him in lurve-juice.

Back in the living room Ferenc is wondering what kind of fun they are getting up to. Muscular Sandor reminds him that he could have joined in, but Ferenc wasnt in the mood. Ferenc leaves for an appointment and Adam thinks hes an asshole.

Turns out Ferencs appointment is with Laczko, and the two horny buggers already have their tongues down each others throats. Id have dumped the other guys too, because Laczko is great with his mouth, working nipples and shaved armpits like a man possessed; that drool gets everywhere! He deepthroats Ferencs mega-tool getting amazing vocal reaction before he offers up his ass to Ferencs probing tongue. He then climbs aboard Laczkos cock and rides it like the wind before Laczko can no longer hold off his pleasure-pump and explodes all over Ferencs impressive pecs.

Over at the local garage Lulu has just tuned-up Peters car, leading him to say, Awww, how nice, your just wonderful in a hilariously camp Snagglepuss voice. Off come the clothes whilst a cellphone rings. Turns out its Fantazi trying to call him, leading to Sandors comment (oh wise one!) that the poor boy must be in love.

Loverboy is unfortunately too busy swallowing Lulus inches. Attilas in the background giving the car a quick polish, eventually twigging onto whats happening in the foreground. He beats his meat as Peter is tonguefucked by Lulu, spreading his cheeks with one hand and beating his meat with the other. Eventually Attila joins in, feeding his slim-jim to Peter who is happily riding his co-worker. The two swap sides, spit-roasting Peter to perfection. Attilas ass is too tempting so Lulu climbs aboard leading to a great daisy chain that sees the three muscle studs getting really sweaty. The two mechanics eventually let their cannons fire all over Peters muscular frame.

Back at the house they wonder why Fantazi has left and Adam comments something that sounds exactly like, probably went to roast his shit! (I swear). Sandor, who keeps refilling everyones glasses with whisky Im surprised anyone can still focus demands Adam pay up, but luckily Ferenc offers to settle his debts. This he does with great pleasure, as the two studs kiss and chewing each other till Ferenc proves too good orally and Adam shoots all over his chest.

Meanwhile, Sandor has traveled to friends John and Norbert (more camp voices dubbed in) and the three kiss to the sound of what I mistook for a rabid dog tearing apart a chewtoy off camera, until I realized it was the leather in the sofa creaking. Maybe they stuck a microphone in there because when all three finally get off the damned thing it sounds like a bowlarama exploding. Cute young John takes both their cocks at once before hes jackhammered by Sandor, causing him to choke on Norberts massive member. The two musclestuds take turns fucking their young companion, whos not shy when it comes to letting out appreciative grunts. Three huge foreskinned pricks eventually let rip a tidal wave of spooge from their burning red tips. Sadly the film ends way too quickly

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:51:44
Video: 768x576, AVC (H.264)

File size: 1.7 GB
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