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This site is for adults only! By entering this site, you agree to the following terms and conditions: You certify that you are 18 years/age or older, and are not offended by sexually explicit videos and pictures. You agree that you will not permit any person(s) under 18 years/age to have access to any/the materials contained within this site.


*You may not have more than one username.
*If you post illegal materials like child porn,your account will be banned and reported to FBI.


Do not post the following content as it will be immediately deleted and you will incur an infraction or banning:

*No videos/pictures underage,sex with animals and real rape scenes
*Content portraying excessive, obscene, or illegal activities
*The linking to torrents or torrent websites is strictly prohibited


*Post video in correct location.
*All publicly displayed messages are only limited to English. This includes posts, titles, signatures, profiles and other forms of public display.
*All topics must contain a valid description.
*All video links must be directed to filehost server.No secret ads for links.
*All videos must be hosted at our recommended&allowed file/image host servers.
*Do not use studio or pay site name in thread titles.
*Re-posts are acceptable if different file hosts are used. If a video is re-posted with the same file host, regardless of the name of the file, the original poster may request deletion of the re-post.
*All posted pictures/screen captures must be clearly viewable as they are or be able to enlarge so they are clearly viewable. Just thumbnails or pictures in thumbnail size are not acceptable.
*All links for videos and images must be each member's own uploads. Stealing links from other members to repost will not be tolerated and if proven, will result in suspension or permanent banning of your account.
*Do not use codes or quote for links.


*Do not use the forum for advertising of any kind.
*Do not flood or mass-post comments, links, etc. Do not post links that redirect to an external blog in order to download.
*Do not bump old posts to the front by adding meaningless comments. All such bumping is counted as spam and may result in a warning or infraction.
*Do not use money generating redirecting links (i.e. Linkbucks, Youfap, Usercash). The use of shortening url sites is banned too.
*No ads,blog and web links,premium or referral links as signature.
*And the most important is to be RESPECT!to others.


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- From Now On All The Picture Sets Without Download Links Must Be Posted In Only Softcore And Solo Pictures And Hardcore Pictures Sections. You Are Not Allowed To Post Those Contents Without Download Links In Other Sections. I am currently cleaning up all the sections, and banning users if necessary. Banned users are free to re-register and keep posting since they follow the forum rules.
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