Nomades 3 Les Portes du Desir (2006)


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Nomades 3: Les Portes du Desir (2006)

Year: 2006
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Group Sex, Twinks, Interracial, Black, Double Penetration, Rimming
Duration: 02:08:31
Director: JD Cadinot
Cast: Silvian Paka; Cyann Espaisy; Lucas Samara; Karim Nadir; Mario Nadir; Alex Menzel; Jacques Moulin; Medhi Faviano; Badri el Kefi; Marco Parelli; Nico Chamberian; Brian Werner; Ali Fartas; Roberto Montana; Samuel Elyas; Guillaume Wagner; Marc van Dervel; Anthony Flamand; Tristan Giorgio; Mathieu Laffite; Pavel Yontchev; Luca Davidson; Romain Minocescu; Jerome Ilyano

The language visits and work are over in Les Portes Du Desir (Nomades 3). From the cultural centre to the brothel and as far as the hotel in the Medina, exchanges erupt between students and their hosts.

In a climactic orgy, the thirstiest cocks suffer the assaults of five residents while, on the terrace, three guests get it on.

In the over-booked hotel, guests share their rooms with passing tourists and an inexperienced youth finds himself in the brothel, his cherry expertly plucked.

The nights are just as hot as the days - bodies are covered with cement, dust and paint as the candidates prepare everything for the new arrivals in Nomades 3. The goodbyes are heart-breaking. The gates of desire are wide open.

25 guys in 11 scenes of Cadinot magic!

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