Power Boys 6


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Power Boys 6

Description: In true sevp style: so many gorgeous, Scandinavian boys, so much fantastic, hot sex.
A cute, dark, chunky boy is caught stealing a dvd by his sexy, blond manager, who makes him pay by squeezing his stiff, thick dick into the boy's greased butt. He plunges deeper and harder, making the boy squeal and bounce against his boss before they both take gobs of cream in the face.
Three shapely, muscular guys show their strength in a wrestling bout, which turns fun and horny with the shaved headed boy getting cock in both ends. Another takes station as the filling in a fuck sandwich before all three get cum in the face.
Two pale twinks suck dick poolside, one boy getting his pal so super hard that he has to take it bareback, up the butt, first doggy style, then by sitting on it, shoving it as deep as he can. Again, both boys get spunked in the face.
An adorable boy lies in a sauna. A stunning, blond Viking catches the boy playing with himself and starts in on the nervous youth, who gasps as the Norse god slides his long, bareback cock into his tight little bum. Now the big blond lowers himself onto the naked cock of the boy before he gets a thick, creamy mouthful of spunk and shoots his own load in the boy's face. Hot!
Two boys: one dark, one blond, both with fabulous gym physiques, get oral attention from a slender, blond twink. The big blond tops both the dark boy and the twink, before the dark lad gets in the middle of a double fuck. A well-lit crotch shot shows good penetration of fat cocks into well rounded and to finish, everyone gets cum in the face.
Finally, a blond with a massive cock manages to squeeze it into the sweet little ass of a little dark cutie-pie; talk about a quart into a pint pot! Despite stretching that little anus beyond belief, the blond continues to plow heavily into the boy, almost tearing him apart. The pounding doesn't stop as they move around and the boy creams his tummy as he is fucked. The kid gets a huge load in the face from a swollen cock head.
Time: 01:34:25
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