Reel Old Timers 3 (1920 50 DVDrip)


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Reel Old Timers 3 (1920-50/DVDrip)

About movie:
Title: On. old timer 3 / Reel Old-Timers 3
Released: 1920 / digitized in 1995
Length: 1:12:59
Genre: All Sex, Classics, Oral
Studio: Studio Gentlemen's Video
Directed by: N \ A
Roles: N \ A

Description: What a fucking fun! We have the first years of porn right here on this very video. It's refreshing to some extent, because you can see the generational differences in hairstyle and dress. In addition, how to develop a Porno (weird right?) Is actually going on kissing, and slowly took off clothes! Enjoy this rare vintage find!

File size: 1.5 GB

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