Robin Hood und seine lusternen Madchen (1969)


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Robin Hood und seine lusternen Madchen (1969)

Information about the film:
Title: Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood
Original title: Robin Hood und seine lusternen Madchen
Year: 1969
Genre: Erotic / Comedy
Producer: Erwin C. Dietrich / Richard Kanter
Cast: Ralph Jenkins, Heidi Frey, Bambi Allen, James Brand, Eddie Nova, Barbara Sanders
Issued: Germany
Length: 1:18:38
The story might be well-known:

After Robin Locksley's (Ralph Jenkins) were killed by the Sheriff of Nottingham (C.S.Poole), Robin retreated to Sherwood Forest, became Robin Hood, and with a gang of righteous outlaws fought the Sheriff and England's interim ruler Prince John (Lawrence Adams), guerilla style.

When Prince John hears that Robin is quite a ladiesw' man, he decides to use Maid Marian (Dee Lockwood) as bait to capture him, but what he doesn't know is that Maid Marian is Robin's girlfriend, so she doesn't only not help him capture Robin, when she's back at Prince John's court, she doesn't even let the whereabouts of his hide-out being tortured out of her ... which doesn't even seem necessary, since Lady Sallyforth (Danielle Carver), who has a personal grudge against Robin after he has humiliated her, sets her own trap for Robin ... and once captured Robin even thinks it was Marian who betrayed him, and is only convinced when she helps him escape, even if that means more torture for her ...

Of course, in the end, Robin can assemble his merry men, attack the castle, defeat Prince John and his men, and hand over Lady Sallyford to his men for a bit of rape ...

This is the sex-version of the Robin Hood legend, from a time before hardcore has hit it big, so you can expect countless and not very convincing excuses to show female nudity - and some of the performers are quite cute, too
Pure and fun nostalgia.

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