Seduced Straight Guys Jess Pack


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Dec 24, 2011
Seduced Straight Guys - Jess Pack

Description: Jess's shoot starts off with him stripping down to his tight white boxer briefs. Underneath his clothing is this tight rippled body with nicely toned arms and lightly haired chest. Several tattoos adorn his muscular body, with one large one stretching from the bottom of his leg all the way up to his outer thigh. Everything about this guy is just sexy; his looks, his attitude, his performance, everything. Right down to the final moments when he blows a load that soaks him from chin to crouch.

He is one of the best exhibitionist I have seen in awhile. He works the camera from start till finish, he makes everything I ask him to do his own. He works the camera and puts on a show like no other bloke. There is a really good connection with him, with at times him looking straight into the camera and then looking me straight in the eyes. I can't tell you how good of an experience that is, having a guy just staring straight into your eyes while jerking himself off. It's not that often guys on here are comfortable enough to make that kind of connection. This guy and his shoot are just amazing.

Jess - A 32 year old fella who works in the construction industry but prefers to have his head in the water working in the marine industry. his a single bloke who doesn't mind the ladies and has a passion for diving. It seemed pretty obvious to me why he did this shoot, but it was also because he needed the money after just loosing his job a few days before.

This video will be round four for Don and round two for Jess. Both guys in their previous shoots gave 110%, both fully getting into their situation and both putting on an excellent show. This time we push the envelope a little bit further, actually, allot further. With Jess, a guy who has never fucked a guy before but knows how to fuck, and Don, a bloke who has never been fucked but willing to give it a go. This is the make up of what makes this shoot.Both guys give it their all, with Jess going much further then was expected, going down on Don sucking his first ever cock. And with Don, only ever shoving a dildo up his incredibly tight arse, being fucked by Jess, taking his cock deep down inside. At first with a bit of shock and discomfort, but then, pushing back taking it deeper and deeper. Moaning the entire time, making loud sounds of incredible enjoyment. After the introductions these two fellas took total control of what happen, with little to no intervention from me. I just told them I wanted them to fu
ck, how they did it and anything else was purely up to them, and this shoot is the result, an excellent sexually satisfying result.Enjoy!!!

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:25:29 + 00:35:07

File size: 379.2 MB

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