The Servant


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Nov 26, 2011

Studio: Stable Entertainment

Director Stephans obviously worked very hard on the stylized, highly ambitious porn opus The Servant. Having put together a stellar cast along with great production values (appropriate music, good lighting, location shooting in Savannah), Stephans has definitely succeeded at creating art in his porn. The men here are a great mix of masculine (not quite) dies and sweet, juicy boy/men. It is a great combination - like having a bit of chicken with your steak.

There is quite a story here: It includes a plantation house and lots of other nifty odes to old movies and Anne Rice novels. What is important though, is the quality of the men and the quality of the heat they generate. Get ready to crank up the a/c, okay?

The tall, dark and mysterious master of the manor (the delectable Harper) has an incredibly sexy tryst with his blonde playmate (Derek Cameron) on the magnificent spiral staircase. Cameron is lucky to find a giant erection in his masters briefs. (These two have a luxurious coupling, taking time to explore one another.) Cameron is quite the adept cocksucker (he manages to deep throat Harpers towering tool with ease), and is just as good at receiving cock in his ass. Their fuck is amazing, as the master effortlessly lifts up his trick and carries him, cock still deep inside. Lifting the Cameron onto the railing of the staircase, Harper continues to slowly fuck the blonde. Eventually the lord of the manor erupts ropes of cum onto the back of his lithe lover.

The real servant of the title is played by the always-wonderful Dean Phoenix. Of course there is a mystery that Phoenix needs to uncover. One mystery that is solved early in the movie is how quickly Phoenix will become uncovered. First we see him with a random lover; next we see him preparing a bath for Harper. The subtext of this encounter is scorching even before anything sexual happens! After a bit more teasing, Harper happens upon Phoenix who is quietly masturbating while fantasizing about Harper. (Got that?) The fantasy ends with both men shooting their wads; Phoenix never realizing that man of his dreams was a few yards away the entire time.

Another scorcher of a scene stars Cuban beauty Martinez making passionate love with his bleach blonde skater boyfriend (Drew Peters). Once again Stephans has effectively chosen a staircase as the set for a romantic pairing. Martinezs downward pointing cock gets all of the attention it deserves, first by his lovers mouth and later by the blondes willing asshole. Both deliver killer cumshots.

After a sensational six man orgy in Harpers bed, a sexy fireplace performance, and a hot coupling in the reeds, we finally arrive at the moment the film has been building toward.

It is well worth the wait to see Harper and Phoenix finally connect - theyre electric together! They meet by a staircase (of course) but soon retire to Harpers luxurious bed where they roll around, kiss and slowly explore one anothers body. The chemistry the two share is undeniable. Eventually they make love (with Phoenix on top) as this wonderful film soars to a crescendo of an ending. In short, The Servant is a must see, must own gay porn flick!

Format: avi
Duration: 2:21:32
Video: 640x480, xvid, 2103kbps
Audio: 54kbps

File size: 2.3 GB
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