WHiggins - Street Hunting Honza - Gonzo - 28-01-2012


V.I.P Member
Nov 26, 2011

Studio: WilliamHiggins

Mirek Ceslar, camera in hand, interviewing a series of different guys. He asks them about their attitude towards doing erotic photography for money. Each guy answers, with some saying no and others saying it would be ok if the money is right. After a while he comes upon Honza Solar who agrees to do a shoot, though he does say he doesn't want to do everything. We next see Honza in the studio, sitting at the end of the bed being interviewed again. Mirek asks him to remove his shirt, but Honza declines until he is offered more money. So the shirt comes off, but when Mirek tries to touch him Honza pushes his hand away, complaining. Again he is offered more money, but is still not sure he will allow it and threatens to leave. However, he is eventually persuaded and lays down on the bed, with Mirek kneeling over him. Honza opens his jeans and Mirek instructs him to remove them. Then he lays back down and Mirek's hand begins to run over Honza's body as he films and chats to him. He lifts the band of Honza's underwear so the camera can get a glimpse of what is underneath. Honza is comfortable with this so Mirek tells him to remove the underwear. This he does, showing a very nice set of equipment to the camera, with a very full, dark bush. He then has Honza kneel on the bed so he can film him, in close-up before having him turn around to get a back view. Honza seems to be quite relaxed now and he is asked to hold the camera while Mirek removes his own shirt. Mirek takes the camera back and feels things are going well enough to have Honza start to rub Mirek's body, and remove his jeans and socks. Then Mirek tells Honza to lay back down and he kneels and takes Honza's cock in his hand. Honza then wanks himself as Mirek films him and runs his hand over Honza's legs. Soon Honza's cock is nice and hard. Mirek takes over the wanking and asks Honza to sit up and help him off with his underwear. Mirek then wanks himself and is soon hard, with Honza on his knees watching. Mirek then takes Honza's hand and place it on his cock and immediately knows he can get him to go further. He tells him to suck the cock and Honza does exactly that, his mouth closing over the cock head and sucking. Mirek lays down and Honza kneels over him to suck the cock some more. Then they both kneel and wank each others cocks. Honza has rapidly become very compliant and Mirek decides he can go further. He asks if he can have sex with him and Honza agrees. What a quick turn around in attitude he has had. Mirek wastes no time in slipping his cock into Honza's ass, doggy style, as he holds the camera to film it. He fucks nice and deep and Honza takes it very well. They move to missionary position and fuck some more. Honza seems to be enjoying it as he wanks his cock, getting it very stiff while Mirek fucks him. It is not long before Honza starts to moan as his cum builds up and shoots out of his cock, all over his chest, while Mirek's dick is buried deep in his ass. Mirek is ready to blow too and moves to the side and shoots that load all over Honza, with some landing on his face, and eyelids. He films a close up of his cum and then leave Honza alone on the bed. What a great Gonzo scene, with Honza really deflowered in the process.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 41:01
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 1956kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 623.9 MB

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