Addiction - Son's Ass addiction therapy


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Jun 19, 2015

File: Addiction - Son's Ass addiction therapy.wmv
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Mom i have something i want to talk about. I have been seeing a shrink for a while. I have a problem that needs therapy. Mom: Oh honey. What is the problem. Son: Well i dont know how to say this or if i should be talking to you about this but my therapist think i need to talk to someone i can trust. If dad were here i would talk to him but since he is not i have to tell you about this. You see mom i have an addiction. Mom: What kind of addiction Jack. Oh No. I hope you are not doing drugs or anything like that. Son: No No Mom. It is nothing like that. Just listen to me. This addiction i have has to with a certain part of a woman's body. I am addicted to a women's ass. It has gone to a point that evertime i see a nice curvy tight ass i cant control myself. I have to do something about it. Its either i have to touch myself and masturbate or if i have the opportunity i get close to the woman from behind and start grinding. Mom: Woooo. What? Women let you do that.Son: Well sometimes. Like when i am a bus or train and its crowded. Son: Look mom. I know this is not normal and i know it has to be cured otherwise i am afraid i would be into trouble somday for harrasing women like that and that could really hurt my future and where i am headed. Mom: Wow. I need a minute to get this all in. This is something really serious. Why didnt you tell me earlier.Son: I thought maybe the therapy would help but now the doctor thinks that something other than therapy needs done. Mom: What is the doctor suggesting.Son: It is kinda odd mom and i am kinda emabarresed to talk to you about it.Mom: Jack i am your mother. I would do anything to help my only son. Please tell me what the doctor says and what i can do to help.Son: Ok. So here it is. He thinks that inorder for me to get this addiction out of the system i need to practice this ass addiction with someone i can trust and behind closed doors and not in public. Mom: what do you mean?Son: So the doctor thinks that by doing this ass grinding fetish at home with someone i trust and doing it as often as possible i would get it out of system.Mom: So let me get this straight. The doctor thinks this is a good idea for a mom and son to be doing this.Son: He said do it with someone i can trust and you are the only one mom that i fully trust. Mom: Ok. Wow. This is a serious. Ok. well if the doctor thinks it is a good idea. I will help you son. Ofcourse i will help.Mom: So lets discuss this first. What is it that exactly turns you on about a women's ass. What is it exactly. I mean what do i need to do to get you aroused so to speak.Son: Well.... What turns me on is really the clothes women wear and how they hug the tight curves of their ass. Clothes like tight yoga pants or full sexy silky pyjamas or even a long sexy dress. It could be anything. It is just how the ass is kinda out there. Once i see someone in these sort of clothes i get aroused.Mom: Ok i get it. I think i understand. So when do we do this. Son: The doc thinks that it is better that we dont set a schedule for this. It could be anytime. So he thinks just live your lives normally like you do everday just start wearing these sort of clothes around me and make sure you tease me with your ass. Mom: Ok so what will you do when you get aroused. You would grab me from behind and press me against the wall and start grinding my ass with your dick? What else?Son: Well mom if you would let me. I would grab you tits as well and kiss your neck from behind agressively.Mom: OK lets set up some boundaries. OK. I am ok with anything as long as it doesnt require us to do acutall sex. You know what i mean. Son: Oh sure mom. i would never let that happen trust me. MOM: OK good. Then i am ok with whatever is it that you want to do to me. After all it is what the doctor says. Mom: Ok we will start tommorow. I will start wearing those sexy clothes around you and tease you. Son: Thanks mom. One more request. While teasing please do not make it obvious or i wont get aroused.Mom: Trust me son. I know how to get a man aroused. Your father was addicted to my ass too. so i know. Mom: Ok so tommorow your therapy starts.Next day: Mom is wearing her sexy yoga pants and calls Jack in the kitchen for help with the dishes. She starts her ass teasing by bending over and really arching her back so her ass is out there all thight and sexy. She drops something and teasingly picks it up. She does some squats too to make sure he sees her protuding ass. After which she asks him to help her with the dishes. Son cant take it any longer and he grabs her from behind against the sink. Mom starts to enjoy it and starts talking dirty to him."yeah son grind against my tight ass""Yeah use my ass, yeaah grab my tits hard" "Be as rough as you want""Go on beat it up. Beat it up""blow your load all over you moms ass"Day 2: Mom is wearing her pyjamas (long not shorts, silky or cotton would do but long). Son is working on his laptop. Mom asks him if he can show her how to use the laptop. She feels so ashamed she doesnt know how even to do simple things on a computer like emailing pics. So she asks if he can show her how to do that. It wont take long. She is wearing a sexy top that shows a lot of her cleavage and her son is already aroused looking at those tits. All he wants to do is have her sit on his lap and grab those tits so he can really grind her ass from behind. Son: Sure mom i can do that. its really easy. Why dont you come sit here in front of me and i can show you while guiding you from behind. Mom: Oh son you are succh a darling. So how do you want me. You mean like this. (she slowly arches her ass and sits on the chair where is son is already sitting).Mom: Is this the right position son. Is this how you want your mother. (while slowly grinding her ass against his crotch). From here mom and son grind against each other. (use the same dirty lines as above from day 1) until he comes all over her ass.

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