Make money with your website.

Hello, my name is Thierry, I work for a company whose activity is mainly the purchase of advertising space with webmasters.

The rates we practice are:

- 50 USD per month for every 500 unique visitors per day

So if you manage a site that receives 10,000 visitors a day, I can pay you 1000 USD per month for a simple banner 468x60 displayed on the home page, without popup or popunder it is CPM, I just ask a correct placement for the banner.

Payments can be made daily to start, by Bitcoin or the means that suits you, I can also issue invoices in the name of my company, we can discuss these details later.

If you have multiple websites, I can place a banner on all your sites. And if you know of other webmasters who might be interested, let me know.

If my offer interest you, send me a PM - [email protected]

To save time, in case you are interested, could you give me some informations:

- URL of your site
- Daily unique visitor volume (calculated over 30 days)
- Country of origin of visitors
- Percentage of mobile users

If you do not have all the information it does not matter.

Thank you and I hope to read you soon.