Rawporn Has Switched To Xenforo


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Dear members, we have completed the process of moving to Xenforo. Kindly please let us know if you engage with any issue in Forum.

As we described here : https://rawporn.org/threads/server-problem-25-08-2018.1416058/ our website lost data and after losing data auto-posters Updates the new threads as well and now they all get mixed with eachother. I am moving the threads as many as possible I can, and I am making them like this : "https://rawporn.org/threads/adultpixel-picture-therad-1.1425930/" (username - title). If you see such mixed (problematic) threads just report them to us and let us fix the threads.
Also let us know any kind of problems in forum-wide

Thank you for understanding.
Rawporn Management
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